Samples Of Our Videos


Please look at some of our sample videos, most of which are 30 second excerpts. Note the fly out menu under the arrow. There are seven samples in the player.
  1. 15 second ad
  2. 30 second ad
  3. Video Book Trailer
  4. About Your Business
  5. Chamber of Commerce
  6. Infomercial
  7. TV Show

Videos are a fantastic way of promoting your business, product, or service. Your message can be straight forward or it can have a humorous slant. Videos can be shared everywhere- on your website, your FaceBook, on YouTube. They can even be shown on TV as commercials.

A professionally done video can separate you from your competition by making you or your business look larger than life. Continue the tour of our website. Check out the video spokespeople who are available to star in your video. Listen to the voiceover samples. A great voice combined with good graphics and royalty free music hammers your message into anyone who sees and hears it.

After you’ve toured our website, click on our Contact Page and leave us message. One of our sales people will be in touch with you to talk about your company, your intended message, as well as your budget. Promoxie makes video easy.